Maserame Mouyeme is the Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability Director for the Coca-Cola Southern and East Africa business unit, based in Johannesburg.  

Maserame has operated at an exécutive level for 18 years, and has extensive business expérience. Her previous executive roles include general management for the Central Africa Franchise, where she led the organisation’s franchise operations across eight countries. Prior to her general management role, she was the Division Marketing Director for East and Central Africa, based in Nairobi. To further broaden her operational experience, Maserame also joined Nairobi Bottlers, where she served as the Country Customer & Commercial Leadership Manager. 

Maserame has served the company as a member of Coca-Cola’s Global Women’s Leadership Council for three years. She currently sits on the board of Coca-Cola Africa and Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa.