Matrona Filippou is the General Manager in charge of Stills, Ventures & Emerging Brands for Coca-Cola West Africa Business Unit.

In her current role, Matrona leads the development and execution of a common growth, innovation and investment strategy for Stills beverages (Juice, Water, Dairy and Energy drinks) for Coca-Cola and its bottling partners in the West Africa Business Unit.

In 2016, Matrona led the successful execution of the largest Stills M&A for The Coca-Cola Company on the continent.

Matrona began her career with Coca-Cola in South Africa in 1996 and has held several positions of increasing responsibility including Global Customer Account Director; Executive Assistant to the Eurasia & Africa Group President as well as Performance & Strategy Director for the Central, East and West Africa Business Unit.

Matrona holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Science from the University of South Africa.