JAMII / jamii / (noun) Swahili for "community", "society" and "people", representing the spirit of togetherness that we want to foster. 


- A word that represents who we are as a company and aligns with our values as an organization – resilience, commitment, and the spirit of community.


Business is important, but not at any price. People matter. Our planet matters. That is why sustainability is core to what we do!


As a company, we have been on a purpose guided journey to drive progress against intersecting priorities like waste management, water security and empowering youth & women across the continent, since 2001. 


We are working towards a World Without Waste. We are returning every drop of water we use in our beverages back into nature. We are investing in youth and women empowerment from our local communities by unlocking economic opportunities. We act in ways to create a more sustainable and better future for Africa, the Africans who make it, and the planet that makes all of it possible.


As we continue with our purpose of refreshing the world and making a difference, we believe that businesses, governments, NGOs and civil society actors, across Africa, can achieve greater outcomes when working together through meaningful partnerships.


We strive to create the systemic change necessary to drive collective action and build shared opportunities for the African people and their communities around the continent. 


JAMII reminds us of what we can accomplish - TOGETHER.