Lagos, Nigeria. 31st August, 2015.  In a firm demonstration of its continued commitment to the wellbeing of its consumers, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited recently held the sixth edition of its annual workshop for health writers in Nigeria. 

At the forum which held in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, Consultant Nutritionist and Dietician, Dr. Chika Ndiokwelu who was the lead speaker, gave an intensive and thorough presentation on the Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases through Adequate Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Dr. Ndiokwelu stated that unhealthy eating habits and increasingly sedentary lifestyles have led to a troubling rise in the prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) across the globe.

“The statistics alone are staggering: NCDs now account for 60 percent of all deaths globally each year with 80 percent of these occurring in developing countries. The major NCDs such as Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Chronic Respiratory Disease and Diabetes Mellitus alone cause 36 million deaths annually,” she noted.

Dr. Ndiokwelu also added, “The good thing, though, is that most of these conditions can be reversed or even prevented through an adequate and balanced nutrition that is, as much as possible, devoid of high salt, cholesterol and processed content.” 

Presentations were followed by an interactive media session involving participating media and a panel comprising health and nutrition experts and representatives of both Coca-Cola and the media.

Speaking on the impact of the workshops among stakeholders of Coca-Cola, the Director of Public Affairs, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, Clem Ugorji, said, “It is important we have these 3-way conversations involving Coca- Cola, the media as well as health and nutrition experts because they provide a platform to receive feedback from consumers, give Coca-Cola an opportunity to give its factual perspective on matters arising and present a forum for the experts to proffer answers to the questions that are objective and for the general good.”

Ugorji added, “These workshops and of our many community-centered initiatives, demonstrate Coca- Cola’s belief that its continued prosperity as an organisation is tied to the prosperity and wellbeing of its consumers and the public at large.”

This year’s workshop was preceded by a media tour of the Nigerian Bottling Company’s plant in Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos where members of the press witnessed the painstaking standards under which Coca- Cola’s beverage brands are packaged to ensure only the best products make it to the markets and the consuming public.



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