Lagos, Nigeria; 17 February 2015: Lagosians have thus far been brimming with excitement as the Share A Coca Cola crew has trooped all over Lagos state with their all-new experiential activation, and brought along state-of-the-art equipments with the unique intention of customising Coca Cola cans for all interested customers.

The customisation of Coca Cola cans attracted individuals in their hundreds as they have been spotted collectively converging at Coca-Cola Share-A-Coke Activation stands waiting patiently for the opportunity to get customised Coca Cola cans for themselves, their friends, as well as their loved ones.

Speaking at the concert, Senior Brand Manager, Colas, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, Gbolahan Sanni, iterated that the Share A Coke Campaign was the brand’s way of getting friends all across Nigeria to connect and share with each other by using the power of the first name in a playful and social way.

“At Coca Cola, we aim to please and we constantly strive to ensure that our customers retain their confidence in Coca Cola, their preferred soft drink. We believe in the spirit of sharing and happiness amongst friends and family members nationwide. We are also aware that a lot of individuals have complained that they could not find their names on Coca Cola bottles in their local stores. As such, we decided to take the Share A Coke Campaign to the next level by customising Coca Cola cans for all interested individuals within minutes at a give-away price of N100 only” Sanni said. 

The trend noticeable at the activation stands across Lagos Nigeria remains constant: interested lovers of Coca Cola purchase a ticket at the affordable price of N100; and stand in line to get their names on Coca Cola cans. As they approached the attendants clad in Coca Cola T Shirts, they offered the names they wanted on their cans of Coca Cola and in less than ten minutes, they were given their customised Coca Cola cans. The excitement continues as the satisfied customers then get the opportunity to take pictures with their newly customised purchases at the Coca Cola branded selfie stand. 

Second year student of Psychology, University of Lagos (UNILAG), Nnamdi Ekechukwu, said the initiative was both entertaining and satisfying for him as he was able to get his nickname customised on a Coca Cola can. Similarly, Olayinka Daramola, a Twenty-two year old final year Chemistry student at UNILAG echoed her excitement over the Share A Coke experience. According to her, the experience was absolutely fantastic to witness and she was grateful to Coca Cola for the chance to get various customised cans of Coca Cola for her friends and family.

A platform for sharing happiness amongst friends and family, the Share A Coke campaign kicked off in December and has permeated the hearts of Coca Cola lovers nationwide.

Coca-Cola Nigeria representative, Gbolahan Sanni went further to say that the customisation of Coca Cola cans was to continuously spread joy and happiness nationwide. “We believe that taking the Share A Coke Campaign to the doorsteps of our esteemed customers will keep them happy and satisfied whilst mitigating the hassle of searching for names on bottles in stores. 

IT Personnel at Standard Chartered Bank, Folarin Lukula, another avid Coca-Cola lover who visited the Share A Coke Activation stand was exceptionally pleased to receive his very own customised Coca-Cola. In his words, “This has truly been an experience for me. I came to Shoprite to get my two year old daughter a birthday gift and I am going home with more gifts than I thought I would, one of which is her very own Coca-Cola bottle. I will definitely keep her bottle for her and till she becomes older and sees her name customised on a brand that has loved its customers for as long as I can remember.”

Constance Okoghenun, renowned software engineer in Lagos State, also said “I think it is cool that everyone in can now have their names customised on a bottle of ice cold Coca-Cola. I just got for myself and two other friends and I want to get more! Everybody likes something that is personalised and the fact that a global brand like Coca-Cola is bringing this to Nigeria is both novel and innovative”

Also sharing her Share A Coke experience, Mercedes Ogbede-Nwachukwu, Chief Operating Officer for the online store ‘’, said that the campaign was quite exciting and interesting for her. According to her “before the experiential leg of the campaign, I was able to find quite a lot of names of friends and family members but with the introduction of the customisation in minutes, Coca-Cola has been able to put a new and intriguing twist to an extraordinarily exceptional campaign and I applaud them for their efforts in bringing something fresh and unique to Nigerians.”

The Share A Coke Experiential Campaign has thus far graced several other locations across Lagos, including the Leisure Mall, Surulere, Ikeja City Mall, and the Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos amongst others.”

With many more locations across Nigeria to visit, many more Nigerians will be next in line to experience the on-going Share A Coke Campaign first-hand for themselves.




About Coca Cola Nigeria Limited

Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited (CCNL), a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, was established in 1990 to provide technical and market development support to Nigerian Bottling Company Limited (NBC) which has operated as Coca-Cola’s franchise bottler in Nigeria since 1951 and is responsible for the manufacture, sales and distribution of Coca-Cola products in Nigeria. 

Although separate entities with separate structures, boards and management teams, both organizations work collaboratively to deliver common business goals, with CCNL focusing on technical stewardship, product innovation, market development and brand and reputation building. Globally, we refer to this framework of shared goals, mutual interdependence and seamless collaboration between TCCC and its bottling partners as “the Coca-Cola System”.


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