Lagos, Nigeria; November 5th, 2014: Director, Public Affairs and Communications, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Mr Clement Ugorji, has said that there is an explosion of opportunities for business to grow in the Nigeria economy, stating that if people are more discerning, they would realize opportunities that are coming in various sectors which they can benefit from. 

Mr Ugorji made this statement during a plenary session at the 2–day Women in Management, Business and Public Service (WimBiz) 13th Annual Conference, held recently at Eko Hotel. The session tagged ‘Responding to Challenges, Harnessing Opportunities’ was dedicated to discussing issues that women face individually, as employees and business owners and how they could overcome them.

While speaking Mr Ugorji stated that the society is getting more discerning, consumers are becoming a lot more demanding; requiring better services and quality. He said People no longer take anything that is thrown at them without asking questions noting that there’s been some form of elevated taste in every sector especially now that people have global standards to compare with what they get in the local market.

Mr Ugorji explained that people need to understand that business is not run by intuition, a mistake, which he says many people make. He noted that operating a business has gone beyond the issue of having the passion. “Most people start a business just because they think they can start a business without actually acquiring the knowledge of how to sustain the business. Competition is getting stronger, people are asking for more and what will distinguish you from other is your skill and ability to present your offerings in a way that people can see the superior value you have” he said.

“It is critical for people to understand that there is a science to business, even when we have the idea and capital to start the business, to remain profitable and sustainable in business, we need to first speak to people who understand the business, get the basic skills and understand the product cycle of the business we are in. Once this is done, most of the challenges people face such as, power, access to capital etc, becomes secondary.

Speaking on harnessing opportunities within the environment, Mr Ugorji advised that every challenge should be seen as an opportunity. He further stated that government policies should represent an opportunity for every business. He also employed women present at the conference to make use of opportunities thrown by multi-national organizations to grow their businesses, using Coca-Cola’s 5by20 project as an example. The program he says, aims to empower 5 million women between 2010 and 2020 using Coca-Cola’s value chain across the world.

In her opening remark, Chairperson, WimBiz, Osayi Alile stated that this year’s conference with the theme, “Nigeria Rising... Accelerating Transformation” provides a valuable opportunity for women to engage in meaningful discourse about our pivotal role in nation building and economic development as well as their influence in the public and private sphere towards making a difference to Nigeria’s future.