Innovation at Coca-Cola includes far more than new beverages. Each year, the company develops, tests and launches breakthrough packaging, equipment, merchandising, distribution models, and programs that enhance and refresh both its business and the local communities it serves around the world. In 2016 Coca-Cola, of course, once again delivered its share of engaging content, brand storytelling and experiential marketing.

Here are 16 Coca-Cola innovation stories from 2016 that are sure to surprise, delight and inspire. Like you, we can’t wait to see what’s next in 2017.

Mobile Coca-Cola Vending Machine Delivers Drinks and Smiles

Coke Studio Brings Music to the Deaf in Pakistan

Thermo Labels Keep Europeans (and Their Coca-Cola) Cool During Summer

Ford and Coca-Cola 'Drive' Brand Storytelling With Experiential Road Trip

Pay Like a Boss With Coke's BillBoss App: An Internal Innovation Story

High-Tech Coke Bottle Caps Play Holiday Messages

Coke It Forward: Company Pilots Charitable 'Buy One, Give One' Vending Machines

How Coke Picked the Song Lyrics Seen on Bottles and Cans

A Bottle Diet Coke Fans Can Call Their Own

Colorblind? Decode This Coca-Cola Life Ad in Demark

Coca-Cola Tests Service Robot in Berlin Offices

Ginger Coke Launches in Australia

This Cooler Can Produce the Perfectly Slushy Coke

Coke Chills Out College Campuses With 'Ice Bottle' Tour

Mini Marvel: How Graphic Artist Noma Bar Designed These Super Cans

Interactive Labels Link Coke Studio Fans With Favorite Music Stars