It’s easy to take for granted the everyday things that make life a little easier. Things like electricity, safe drinking water, and Internet access comprise the foundation of our day-to-day lives, and it’s hard to imagine a world without them.

Despite this, a staggering number of people don’t enjoy these basic needs. Approximately 800 million people in developing countries live without access to safe water, 1.6 billion people (a quarter of humanity) live without electricity, and over 4 billion people lack Internet access.

May 25 is Africa Day, an annual celebration of African unity. EKOCENTERs are being placed in select communities throughout Africa, with the goal of providing individuals with reliable access to these cornerstones for a healthy, happy life. Because each EKOCENTER is tailored to the community it serves, the possibilities for what else it can offer are endless!

But we all know that a life well-lived depends on many things in addition to utilities. By providing reliable solutions for everyday well-being, EKOCENTER can give communities the flexibility to focus on the bigger picture. For many, that means more time to focus on embracing and celebrating culture, and strengthening the bonds of family and friendship.