As we evolve to become a total beverage company, our key challenge in a constantly changing world is maintaining consumer relevance by providing people with the drinks they want.

As part of this journey, we are rethinking many of our drinks and package sizes around the world to reduce calories. We’re making our low-and-no sugar drinks more visible, available and affordable so you can find them in more places when you want them. We are introducing new packaging which reduces portions as we combine scientific research with the changing tastes and dietary preferences of our consumers.

Roger Gauntlett, GM of Coca-Cola Africa’s South Africa Franchise said, “At Coca-Cola, we are invested in giving our consumers what they want. We watch current trends, monitor the tastes people are seeking and stay close to any concerns they may have.”


Over the past few years, we have reduced sugar content across our portfolio, taking an average of 25% of sugar out of drinks by the end of this year.

This has seen us introduce a number of new lower and no-sugar options. Just to highlight a few products we have Sprite Zero, Fanta Zero and a no-sugar variant of the popular Stoney Ginger Beer. In the sports category the company has recently introduced Powerade Zero.

More lower sugar options

Also available now on shelves is Coca-Cola Original Taste – Less Sugar in the 1.5 litre pack. Delivering a delicious and refreshing Coca-Cola taste but with 30 per cent less sugar. Coca-Cola Original Taste – Less Sugar is another action we are taking as we try new approaches to help South Africans reduce sugar intake while also delivering the tastes they love.

“Taste is of paramount importance with new recipes tested against the previous recipe with consumers. Only when parity (same taste profile) is achieved across key metrics including flavor, sweetness and sourness, are recipes updated,” said Gauntlett.

Moving forward

As part of the commitment to make low and no-sugar drinks more visible, Coca-Cola’s marketing communications, including those in-store, will lead with Coca-Cola Zero.

“Going forward, we will continue to adopt an experimental, “test-and-learn” mindset as we push the innovation envelope and drive our portfolio of brands to be ever more consumer centric,” Gauntlett said. “We will give people a range of drinks that not only meet their needs but taste great, offer plenty of lower- and no-sugar options across the full portfolio and provide information to help them make fully informed choices.”