At 23 years old, Nicalo Titus had hopes that she would be her family’s breadwinner. Instead, her elderly father had to clean yards to make ends meet while she, like more than 50% of young people in South Africa, struggled to find employment.

She was sceptical when a friend suggested registering her name on the City of Cape Town’s job seekers’ programme. But it ended up being the beginning of the life she has always wanted for herself; one where she is financially independent.

Nicalo is one of 11 women from communities around Cape Town whose lives were transformed by Coca-Cola Foundation’s initial investment of $300,000 in the Greater Cape Town Water Fund.

The project clears invasive plants across the primary recharge zone of the Atlantis aquifer. This will replenish an estimated 16 million liters annually to the aquifer, providing water security for the residents and reducing the strain on Cape Town’s surface water dam system.

The Greater Cape Town Water Fund also empowers young women by giving them jobs and then empowering them with leadership and business skills.

“For Coca-Cola Africa, our water stewardship is focused on respecting water as a shared resource. Globally, we partner with communities to look after natural resources, replenishing 100% of the water used to produce our beverages,” explains Bruno Pietracci, President of Coca-Cola Southern & East Africa.

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