On a rainy day in Nairobi, drivers navigate electric rickshaws through muddy, rutted roads toward small shops boasting bright-red awnings. Their mission: deliver cases of Coca-Cola products from micro-distribution centers to customers in rural areas. Coke is one of Africa’s most prominent brands. From offering beverages that appeal to local tastes to employing about 70,000 people across the continent, Coca-Cola itself has become a local since its arrival in 1928. This is in large part due to the company’s hyper-local approach to production, distribution and sales in Africa, as well as its partnerships with governments and civil society. CNN International’s “Marketplace Africa” recently showcased Coke’s approach to growing in one of its most dynamic global markets. The show also highlights how the Coca-Cola system’s planned $17 billion investment in Africa through 2020 will help maintain growth and unlock the potential of future generations of consumers.