The Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Guinea (BONAGUI) has collaborated with the First Lady’s Office and L'Office National de Formation et de Perfectionnement Professionnels (ONFPP) to launch 5by20. This launch forms part of the global 5by20 expansion program within the Equatorial Africa Region led by Rodrigue Bila. Within the equatorial region, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Cape Verde have successfully launched 5by20. Guinea is coming out of its Ebola crisis and economically enabling women will help them bounce back to their feet.

Present at the launch was the Prime Minister’s wife representing the First Lady, the minister of Gender, other government officials, general managers of various companies, opinion leaders, the 5by20 beneficiaries, and the media.

Jean Ntambwe, country manager of BONAGUI, said in his welcome address on behalf of the Coca-Colacompany that the 5by20 initiative in Guinea was to economically enable women and to allow women to earn an income so they could take care of their children, their homes and communities. He said the program is set to empower 400 women by the end of the year and that BONAGUI believed the company was only successful if they operated in a healthy and economically viable Guinea. "We believe a healthy Guinea means a healthy BONAGUI. That is why we are involved in water projects, school projects, health, creation of jobs and contributing to the state revenue by paying our taxes and dues."

The First Lady of the Republic of Guinea, Kaba Hadja Djene Condé, represented by the wife of Prime Minister Mamady Youla, advised the invited women not to fold their arms in the face of adversity but to make sacrifices that will benefit them. "No sacrifice nor effort will be in vain when faced with obstacles," said Ms. Youla Hawa Barry.

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Speaking proudly of the 5by20 project was the Minister of Women and Children’s Affair Sanaba Kaba. She thanked the company for its many projects in the country and appealed to the women beneficiaries to maximise the opportunity given to them by The Coca-Cola Company. "Five million women globally, it is indeed an honour for the women of Guinea to be a part of such an initiative."

After the event, the women were presented with start-up kits comprising of a mini table, umbrella, an ice box, price sticker, three cases of products and training certificates.