Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, a revamp of Coke Zero is gradually being launched around the world and has finally hit the shelves in Nigeria. It’s a bold step in a somewhat new direction for Coca-Cola.

What do people on the streets of Lagos think?

A 28 year-old entrepreneur says, “I like Coke Zero because of its no sugar content. Lol, I hope it really has no sugar. I think it tastes just as good as Coke but not as gassy (if there's any word like that), as Coke original, and when it's chilled and taken with ice it tastes very, very good!”

A 25 year-old office manager says, “I really love Coke Zero and it goes without saying that it is best served chilled. Another thing that draws me to this drink is its bottle label color/design - in my world, color Black makes everything balanced. Drinking Coke Zero allows me to eat my cake and have it too, by indulging in one of the sweet things of life and being health conscious at the same time. Ultimately, this somehow gives me mental peace.” Looks like he takes Coke very seriously!

But why exactly did Coke Zero become Coca-Cola Zero Sugar?

With Coke Zero, consumers didn’t realize the “Zero” meant no sugar. So with the new name Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, there should be no confusion about that. There are also no Calories in the new drink. Sweeteners - Aspartame and Acesulfame K, are what give Coca-Cola Zero Sugar it’s unique yet familiar sweet flavour.

One very noticeable difference, however, is the packaging. The new logo combines the iconic Coca-Cola red band and logo with a splash of black, as well as big, bold, clear text saying Zero Sugar.

For our entrepreneur, some of the changes were unexpected like the fact that there’s less carbonation or fizz. For others, some of the differences were inevitable, like the new logo. Either way, for these two satisfied consumers, new elements like these are welcome and make the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar experience more enjoyable as a whole.

After about a year of consumer testing and research on the recipe, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has already launched in 25 other countries and counting. It’s meant to be enjoyed as an alternative for Coca-Cola Classic, but still retains everything that makes it unmistakably Coca-Cola.