Coke Studio Africa was recently profiled on CNN Marketplace Africa, a global broadcast segment that covers the macro-trends impacting Africa and that profiles the continent's key industries and corporations. This is the first time Coke Studio Africa has received global coverage, introducing the concept to a truly international audience.

The feature showcased Coke Studio Africa's celebration of the power of music and how the show fuses together Africa's incredible musical talent. It reaches to different artists, styles, and countries to inspire a new generation of African music fans, while allowing Coca-Cola to strengthen its deep connection with African consumers. The feature additionally highlighted the value Coke Studio brings the company, through its ability to leverage the "Africa Rising" narrative and through its power to recruit, connect with, and bring African teens together by means of music. 


Coke Studio Africa is the latest example of Coca-Cola's commitment to Africa and its universal passion for music, while showcasing the great talent of African artists in a unique way that focuses on inclusivity, togetherness, and uniting a diverse continent around our great talent.

The feature gives a detailed overview of what The Coca-Cola Company has done and continues to do in identifying raw talents in the world. CNN visited the Coke Studio Africa studios and spoke to both artists and producers, who talked about the positive impact Coke Studio has had on their careers, and the benefit it brings to the music industry. Recent footage of Coke Studio Africa was aired as well as an interview with Coca-Cola associates working closely with the project.

"Africa has a young and growing population with an average age of just 18, and so it's essential that our brand connects credibly with young Africans, and there is nothing that unites Africa more than a love of music. Music is the heartbeat and the soul of many diverse communities throughout Africa and Coke Studio Africa is helping introduce different musical styles and cultures to new communities for the first time, while maintaining a long tradition of Coca-Cola's support of music to build its brands", explains Monali Shah, Senior Content Excellence Manager, Southern & East Africa Business Unit.


Coke Studio Africa was first launched in 2013 in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique with new countries joining over each of the four seasons to date. The show embraces different styles of music within a single platform which allows each artist to showcase their talent and genres while creating and performing fusion compositions with different artists across Africa.

The show's footprint continues to grow every day, airing on 27 local stations in 14 countries with over a million African music fans reached each week through the digital platform alone and 400 million radio impressions of the music featured on Coke Studio. During the feature, it was also announced that in 2017, Coke Studio South Africa and Coke Studio Africa will be united into one show to form Coke Studio Africa 2017, broadcasting in more countries than ever and featuring over 20 countries across Central, Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa.

International audience now has a better understanding that The Coca-Cola Company has a unique, one-of-a-kind approach to conducting business in Africa and has firm roots in the culture and the communities across the continent.