To many people an EKOCENTER just looks like a large red kiosk. But there's more to the social enterprise than what meets the eye. 

For starters, EKOCENTERs provide services and products to communities in need. Things like safe water, solar power, internet and yes, a cold Coke. 

Whether in rural areas or urban settings, EKOCENTERs are used to fit the local community's wants and needs. We have seen EKOCENTERs turn from a classroom in the day to a movie theatre at night, or even being used as a health clinic by the Red Cross, as was the case recently in Vietnam.

But what really sets EKOCENTER apart is one defining feature. Like an ice cold Coke on a very hot day, it brings a smile to people's faces. The EKOCENTER team travels far and wide, encountering people from every age, race and gender, but one thing remains the same— their amazing smiles

On International Day of Happiness, we’d thought we share with you some of the smiles that we came across during the recent travels to our EKOCENTER sites. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.