Associates across the Southern & East Africa Business Unit came out in full force during theAmbassador Customer Appreciation Week to thank the diverse range of customers in ourmarket, reaching the region’s most urban and most rural customers.
Across 18 countries from the tip of Africa to its Horn, associates celebrated and recognizedthe multitude of customers, channels and markets represented in the business unit.
Teams and individuals in Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe organizedthemselves to visit the full spectrum of customers, from the region’s largest hotel chain and
largest supermarket, to the smallest local street vendors and 5by20 beneficiaries. Eachcustomer was genuinely surprised and pleased when they received the CustomerAppreciation pin. Even more smiles were shared when a Coca-Cola beverage was opened,and glasses were clinked with a toast to the company’s 131st birthday.
Simultaneously, associates at SEABU’s headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa went
on trade visits to top-end grocers and quick service restaurants in collaboration with PACand South Arica’s largest bottler Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa. “In all my years oforganizing trade visits, this has been the best one so far because of all the smiles we’ve puton people’s faces today. It’s amazing how far a little sign of appreciation can go’, said Gavin
Wheeler, Senior Operations Marketing Manager, Gauteng, SA.
Associates also visited South Africa’s local and traditional trade, thanking a range of streetvendors, spaza shop owners (mom and pop stores) and other customers Alexandratownship, Johannesburg.  
“These trips and visits were an awesome and unexpected gesture, which not only put smileson our customers’ faces, but also our associates’. I look forward to sharing many more of
these special Coca-Cola moments”, remarked Lungile Mbatha, BU Head of Customer, BUCustomer & Commercial.
The team who took the furthest trip to thank a customer were Vukani Magubane (SEABUPAC Director), Emily Waita (East Africa Franchise PAC Manager), Bob Okello (EKOCenterField Manager), and Hamish Banks (VP PAC Eurasia Africa Group) with his team. After atwo hour drive out of Nairobi, Kenya and another hour’s drive down an almost impassable
mud road, the team handed over a customer appreciation pin to the EKOCenter Manager inKajonga, a small community in Kenya’s Rift Valley. He attached the pin to his shirtimmediately with pride.
At the end of the week, a kaleidoscope of customers in SEABU’s markets and channels felt
appreciated for doing their part in selling our beverages. Importantly, our associates sawhow far showing a little appreciation to our customers can go. A thank you and little gift reallymade their day and brought beaming smiles to hundreds of our customers around theregion.