It has been proven that partnership is priceless. 

Through great cross-functional collaboration with our bottling partners and the global customer team, the Coca-Cola South Africa Customer team has successfully secured a five year contract with KFC (Retained Customer), as well as Pizza Hut South Africa (Conversion from PepsiCo), two leading companies of Yum! Brands.

The team established a winning formula by creating a “Why Coke?” story that was presented to KFC and Pizza Hut leadership. The 360° pitch focused on true partnership, from supplying a portfolio of beverages to having access to global teams and assets.  We highlighted the connected values between our organisations and winning the hearts and minds of consumers while accelerating growth together. 

“By showcasing how we create shared value through community partnerships, the team demonstrated how we share a passion for community upliftment and investing in the future of South Africa”, said Rhonda Lege’ Scott, Head of Customer for the South African Franchise.   Importantly, the team also shared with KFC and Pizza Hut a view of what winning looks and feels like to really bring to life that ‘partnership is priceless’. 

Coca-Cola South Africa team with Colonel Sanders

KFC South Africa specifically is a very important customer for Coca-Cola globally due to it being the largest Coca-Cola pouring KFC market in the world with 830 restaurants and delivering more than 70 million beverage transactions per anum.

By retaining KFC and converting Pizza Hut we are not only enhancing our No 1 beverage partner and market share position but we are also limiting PepsiCo’s efforts of expanding into the South African Foodservice industry.

General Manager of the South African Franchise, Luigi Panaino, applauded the team’s hard work and dedication shown throughout the pitch process. “What a proud moment for all of us.  The effort, dedication, and passion that all our teams across the BU, Group, and bottling system have shown throughout this period, has been exemplary. This speaks loudly to the levels of success we can reach, when we are able to work as one cohesive force,” he concluded.  

To get a flavour of what was pitched, click on the link to view the KFC Partnership is Priceless video.