Perline lives in the village of Ankadilalana, in Bemasoandro Commune, where she runs a little snack and coffee shop with her husband and three children. Like most of the people in the village, she spends a lot of money to secure safe drinking water for her family and business. Considering that Madagascar is an island surrounded by vast stretches of sea, it’s an even greater travesty that so much is required to access a small amount of clean drinking water.

"Since 2011, I have had to ask a water seller to provide me with 10 containers of 20 liters, and deliver them to my home every day,” she said. “The water kiosk is 500 meters from my house and every day, I have to wait two two hours for the delivery. As a result, I am forced to limit the amount of water for my three children to wash with. To wash our laundry, I have to go to one of the local laundry blocks to wash them.”

Despite her efforts to conserve and manage, she spent upwards of 1,400 Ariary (Ar) per day for the water her family requires, including the cost to transport the water. “This cost was very high for me,” she worried aloud. “But I have to pay for my family and my work.”

A new water kiosk was built near Perline’s house as part of the WSUP RAIN Madagascar Project funded by The Coca -Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF).  Since the new kiosk has been providing clean water, Perline has been enjoying access to safe, clean water much closer to her house. This has dramatically reduced the daily cost of water for Perline and her business from 1400 Ar/day to 330 Ar/day. What’s more, Perline now washes her laundry at home and does not have to horde precious small quantities in order to meet her three children’s daily water needs.

"I'm really happy and my daily worries for my delivery of 200 liters of water are resolved,” she cheered. As a result of the new kiosk, I can buy one kilo of rice instead of paying for the delivery of water!”