Our Micro Distribution Center (MDC) model in Africa has created jobs, promoted entrepreneurship and strengthened local economies. Currently, in Africa there are more than 3,200 MDCs that employ over 19,000 people, generating more than $950 million in annual revenue.

The MDC model identifies and engages independent entrepreneurs, many of whom are women, that distribute and sell our beverages in small, specific geographical areas. MDCs are typically located in areas where a lack of stable roads and infrastructure makes it difficult for delivery trucks to travel, which helps our Company secure hard-to-reach markets while creating wealth and job growth in those communities. Those who set up MDCs employ others in the area, who then sell and distribute our beverage products to retailers, often by bicycle or pushcart.

As we expand the MDC model, our goal is for 50 percent of new MDCs to be owned by women. The scale-up of this model is our commitment to the Business Call to Action, an initiative of the UNDP, the Clinton Global Initiative and other development organizations.

Enhancing Water Stewardship
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