TheCoca-Cola Company has been in South Africa since the 1930s and from the very beginning, we have sought to fully understand the impact our business has on our communities and the world. Through investment in infrastructure, training and education, TheCoca-Cola Company is constantly striving to ensure that our people have the right skills and knowledge to work successfully.


Coca-Cola is committed to empowering women through our business system. We made a pledge in 2010 to empower 5 million women through our business system by 2020. In June 2011, Coca-Cola South Africa (CCSA) graduated its first 40 women entrepreneurs through the pilot Women Empowerment programme in Johannesburg. Through classroom and field training the women learned valuable skills in technology, finance, networking and business basics.

Existing Small Businesses Owners

TheCoca-Cola Company also strives to provide entrepreneurial assistance to small business owners in previously disadvantaged areas. In 1999, the first Manual Distribution Centres (MDCs) were set up in Ethiopia. These are small Coca-Cola depots, where shop owners can order small amounts of 
Coca-Cola to sell and deliver. Ownership of these MDCs is offered to local entrepreneurs.
The Coca-Cola System has created over 2,500 MDCs in Africa, generating over $500 million in annual revenue. MDC owners and employees support an estimated 48,000 dependents.

Creating Entrepreneurs

TheCoca-Cola Company encourages all of its associates across the value chain to be proactive, and specifically gives previously disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to start their own delivery business.

The "Own Driver Programme" was implemented in the early 1980's and has proved a resounding success. This scheme has enabled many Coca-Cola employees to become successful, independent business owners. TheCoca-Cola Company offers a support structure by means of training, capital provision and business advice for these entrepreneurs. Today, Own-Driver's distribute more than 70% of PenBev's products across the Western Cape.