Did you know that The Coca-Cola Company has introduced more than 500 new products globally in 2016, year to date? That’s nearly two product launches per day!

In countries around the world, innovative new Coca-Cola beverages are meeting the demands of an ever-changing marketplace and giving consumers more choices in more categories – from no-calorie sparkling drinks and cold-brew coffees, to dairy beverages and low-calorie sports drinks, to organic juices, enhanced waters and much more.

Here’s an international snapshot of the latest additions to our fast-growing beverage portfolio: 

Authentic Tea House High Mountain Oolong Tea 

Brewed with whole tea leaves, Authentic Tea House is dedicated to offering different unsweetened authentic teas that cater to consumers’ preferences in drinking tea.

Tea is the third-largest nonalcoholic ready-to-drink (NARTD) beverage category in Hong Kong, and unsweetened tea volume is growing double digits. Oolong tea is currently the biggest segment within unsweetened tea.The new High Mountain Oolong Tea is brewed with whole tea leaves harvested from mountain regions at 1,300 feet, offering a uniquley bittersweet but not astringent taste. Its relatively mild tea strength also caters to consumer tastes. The brand rolled out with new marketing and packaging. 

Minute Maid Pulpy Dairy Drinks (China) 

Minute Maid Pulpy Super Milky launched in 2009, making its mark as the first dairy product of the Coca-Cola system globally. The dairy drinks contain whey protein and pieces of real fruit. In 2016, Coca-Cola China enriched the Pulpy product line with a new coconut flavor featuring coconut cream and coconut bits.

Ayataka Nigorihonoka (Japan)

Ayataka Nigorihonoka is a light, refreshing, palatable green tea with minimal bitterness while still retaining the inherent umami of green tea as if brewed in a teapot. The Ayataka brand, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, was developed with the venerable tea shop Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten of Uji, Kyoto. Coca-Cola Japan launched Ayataka Nigorihonoka in 2016 as a second pillar to the popular core product Ayataka, with a focus on women and young adults.

Fanta Lemon +C (Japan)

Fanta Lemon +C launched in January 2016 across Japan. The drink contains a level of Vitamin C equal to 80 lemons. Fanta Lemon+C was sold as a seasonal flavor to help boost Fanta trademark sales and meet consumer desire for additional vitamin C during the winter season. Perfect for students preparing for exams, the new product contains 1% lemon juice. 


According to the International Coffee Organization, Japan is the world’s fourth-largest coffee market. The total coffee market in Japan is valued around US$30 billion, and ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee accounts for about one-third of that, or US$10 billion.

GEORGIA launched in1975 as a canned coffee brand and has since launched approximately 1,200 products. GEORGIA has held the No. 1 share position in Japan's RTD coffee market since its debut. GEORGIA COLDBREW launched in May 2016. Its clean taste and mellow aroma is achieved by the cold brew (low-temperature extraction) process. The clean taste is the hallmark of this brewing process of directly soaking coffee beans in cold water for long hours, and filtering to remove bitterness. GEORGIA COLDBREW is offered in a stylish, slim bottle.

I LOHAS Cider (Japan)

I LOHAS Cider is a low-calorie sparking soft drink combining carefully sourced Japanese mineral water with gentle touches of carbonation and sweetness. With its extremely fine bubbles and delicate sweetness from apple extract, I LOHAS Cider is made from ingredients sourced entirely in Japan. 

Coca-Cola Japan launched the water brand I LOHAS in 2009. I LOHAS is an acronym for “lifestyles of health and sustainability” and indicates the brand’s positioning that appeals to consumers looking for ways to improve health and reduce their impact on the environment. I LOHAS has become one of the most popular natural mineral water brands sold in Japan. Its unique packaging allows the PET bottle to be easily twisted into slender form, requiring minimal space and facilitating recycling. I LOHAS Cider uses PlantBottle technology with packaging made partly from plant-derived resources. 

Minute Maid Home Style White Grape (Korea)

Minute Maid Home Style is a homemade-style juice providing unique sensory pleasure from real fruit pulp. The brand has been successfully changing the old category perception from “Drinking juice” to “Eating whole fruits” since 2015. White Grape is the third flavor launched in the summer of 2016. White Grape is a popular juice flavor globally and is also well accepted by Korean consumers.

REAL LEAF Oolong tea (Taiwan)

Real Leaf, an authentic tea brand adapted from Japan’s Ayataka formula, launched in Taiwan in 2013 and expanded into the Oolong tea category in 2015. Through a massive R&D effort, the team developed technique to make Oolong tea leaf into powder and release authentic tea aroma and sweetness, making the taste just like freshly brewed Oolong tea.

MOST Organic Juice (New Zealand)

MOST is a range of great tasting, 100% organic juices, created from New Zealand apples. Targeted at sophisticated urban adults and café dwellers, MOST is available in 275-ml glass bottles in a range of great flavors: Apple, Apple, Orange & Mango, Apple & Peach, Apple & Feijoa, and Apple & Blackcurrant. Launched in 2014, MOST Organic Juice is now the most profitable part of the entire New Zealand juice portfolio, and continues to deliver strong growth year on year. 

Schweppes Classic Ginger Beer (New Zealand)

With brewed ginger for an authentic taste, Schweppes Classic Ginger Beer is well-balanced and refreshing, making it a great adult alternative to alcohol or may be used as a mixer with spirits. The range includes Classic Ginger Beer with brewed ginger, a new Spicy Ginger Beer for those looking for an extra spicy kick, Light Ginger Beer with just four calories, Lemon Lime & Bitters and Old Fashioned Lemonade made with real lemon juice. With refined packaging, quality ingredients and authentic flavors, new Schweppes traditionals are available in individual 330-ml glass bottles and convenient four-packs.

Finley Mojito (Belgium)

FÏNLEY was developed to address the sensory expectations of the mature palate and focuses on adult consumers who want carbonated beverages with sophisticated flavors with a twist. In addition, it is low in calories thanks to sweeteners from natural origin, is made with fruit juice and has no added preservatives. FÏNLEY has a range of core flavors: Grapefruit & Blood orange; Lemon & Elderflower; Orange & Cranberry. New additions include a variety of mocktail flavors, including Finley Mojito. 

Fanta (Central and Southern Europe)

The launch of the new visual identity for Fanta includes a new, innovative bottle shape – the first asymmetrical bottle in our sparkling portfolio – and a new logo. The bottle launched in the first quarter of 2016 with excellent results to date.

ViO Schorle (Germany)

ViO Schorle Apple is a premium spritzer brand from Coca-Cola Germany made with organic apple juice (65% juice) and ViO mineral water. Other flavors include Rhubarb (41% juice) and Black-Current (25% juice). The Bio (organic) category is growing steadily in Germany, and spritzers are very popular. ViO Schorle is available nationally in glass bottles. ViO is a local German mineral water brand launched in 2007. In 2015, the portfolio was extended by the organic lemonade range ViO BiO LiMO. In 2016, ViO Schorle a Spritzer with fruits grown locally, in Germany was launched under the ViO brand. 

Aquarius Vive (Spain)

Aquarius Vive is the newest addition to the Aquarius brand. Aquarius Vive is low in calories, is a source of vitamin B3 and Zinc, and also contains Baobab extract. Favors include Lime-Lemon and Tropical. Aquarius Vive is available in 1.5-liter PET bottles and 330-ml cans. 

CAFÉ LEÃO (Brazil)  

Coca-Cola Brazil launched Café Leão in August 2016. A coffee with a distinctive aroma, taste and purity, the product uses 100% Arabic’s beans, grown, roasted and packed in Brazil. Café Leão marked the entry of Coca-Cola Brazil in the coffee market through Leão, a Brazilian-born brand with 115 years of tradition in the tea business. Café Leão has a mix of beans from Minas Gerais State’s savanna and Espírito Santo State’s mountains. The production of Café Leão involves a network of small and medium local farmers from both regions. The coffee is available in Dark Roast and Medium Roast. The first has a heavier body, and it is a balanced drink with intense aroma and flavor. The second has a balanced aroma and flavor with remarkable sweetness.

Schweppes Pomelo Zero (Schweppes Grapefruit Zero) (Argentina)

Schweppes Pomelo Zero (Schweppes Grapefruit Zero) is the first zero-calorie option in the Schweppes portfolio. It was launched in the popular Grapefruit flavor.

smartwater sparkling (United States)

The makers of smartwater – a premium line of zero-calorie, vapor-distilled water that contains electrolytes for taste – launched an exciting new innovation: smartwater sparkling. It has all of the attributes of the smartwater you know and love but with just the right amount of bubbles. Vapor distillation, the addition of electrolytes for taste (Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium) and the right amount of effervescence allow smartwater sparkling to deliver a taste that is distinctly fresh, crisp and pure. smartwater sparkling launched in one-liter bottles in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City in late-2015. It then expanded to additional markets throughout the country and became available in 20-oz. single-serve bottles and six-packs. This fall, smartwater sparkling will become nationally available.