Welcome to Journey Africa, Coca-Cola’s news and information sharing platform on the African continent. The site covers over 48 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including the Indian Ocean islands. Designed to celebrate the beauty in diversity of the continent, Journey Africa will be available in English, French and Portuguese.

We believe that using an online platform will allow us to reach many readers at once, allowing them to enjoy content regarding what’s happening in our world.

The Journey Africa editorial Team caught up with Clement Ugorji Public Affairs and Communications Director for the West Africa Business Unit (WABU) and his counterpart Maserame Mouyeme from the Southern and East Africa Business Unit (SEABU) to find out from them more about the thinking behind Journey Africa.

1. What is the big idea behind Coca-Cola Africa Journey? And why the name, Journey?

Africa has a rich storytelling tradition. A good story that is well told has the ability to set you on a journey of discovery to lands far off, it can stir up your imagination and open your mind to endless possibilities.

Journey Africa is Coca-Cola’s storytelling platform hosting unique and original stories about the company on the African content while also sharing some of the great news about Coca-Cola in other regions. Journey Africa comes to tell the continent’s positive, winning, inspiring narrative through the lenses of one of Africa’s oldest friends – The Coca-Cola Company. Beyond storytelling, Journey Africa is also a forum for enriching, everyday conversations with our consumers and other stakeholders.

2. Why did you decide to launch Journey Africa?

When Coca-Cola arrived in Africa in 1928, stories were told by elders in the evenings, around a fire, under starry moonlit skies. Today, Africa, with its youthful population, is at the forefront of a digital revolution which means that the same inspiring stories are told via digital platforms accessed through computers, tablets, mobile phones and many more. We created Journey to take our stories where our consumers are – online.

Journey Africa PAC Directors
Mr. Clement Ugorji Public Affairs and Communications Director for the Coca-Cola West Africa Business Unit (WABU) (left) and Ms. Maserame Mouyeme Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Director for the Coca-Cola Southern and East Africa Business Unit (SEABU) 

3. How is Journey different from any other corporate website?

This is more than just a corporate website, it is an Integrated Content Platform which includes our website, blog, and social media networks. This multimedia platform is designed to host the entirety of the Coca-Cola Africa online ecosystem.

4. Could you give us an idea about the content that consumers can look forward to on Journey Africa?

Africa has an immense volume of success stories from across the continent. We want to leverage the growing African talent to tell the African story in an engaging, conversational manner. Journey Africa will engage our audience on the elements that the continent is passionate about – music, sports, food, culture and technological innovations. The platform will also provide useful information on Coca-Cola products and ingredients, investments, sustainability initiatives, organizational structure and bottler relationships. It will serve as a one-stop center for news and facts about Coca-Cola in Africa, making information more easily searchable and accessible to the public. We want to tell our own authentic story in a dependable, informative and useful manner.

5. As a reader, will I be able to participate in the discussion about the issues addressed on the website

By all means, we want our audience to engage us in conversations on our stories and to share the captivating content from the site with their friends and followers on social media. Journey Africa will also have room for publishing compelling user-generated content that our readers will be free to send to us.

Through our social media handles and through the Contact Form on the platform, readers will be able to reach out to us with questions, comments and even ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!

Stay on the journey with us!