Coca-Cola’s "World Without Waste" commitment is providing leadership and driving awareness on effective waste disposal by championing the plastic recycling culture in communities across Africa.

As part of initiatives to reinforce internal adoption of the recycling message, Coca-Cola Nigeria recently launched an internal campaign aimed at sensitizing associates on the company’s "World Without Waste" commitment and changing waste disposal habits within the office.

The comprehensive internal campaign kicked off with subtle teasers to set the tone for the imminent conversations. The messages designed to trigger the curiosity of associates featured thought provoking quizzes and surveys focused on associates’ waste disposal habits both at home and in the office and recycling messages positioned in strategic locations within the office.

Next came the hand-crafted upcycled items made from plastic, paper and other items placed around the office to demonstrate that waste can indeed have a second life if given a chance. An impressive 3-D portrait of the Nigeria Franchise General Manager Yebeltal Getachew made using 2,800 PET bottle caps captured the imagination of the team and further drove conversations regarding the re-use of waste.

The engagement activities culminated in an event attended by Lagos-based associates including some members of the West Africa business unit (WABU) leadership team led by Business Unit President Neeraj Garg, Nigeria Franchise General Manager Yebeltal Getachew, Public Affairs & Communications Director Clem Ugorji, and Technical Director Nkem Akobundu. Neeraj highlighted the leadership team’s commitment to champion the World Without Waste vision, emphasizing its importance in safeguarding the future of our planet.

In attendance at the event were also representatives of an external recycling partner; "Recycle Points" who physically demonstrated and trained associates on proper use of the new recycle bins that have been positioned in the office. Moreover, the office cleaners were also trained on proper waste disposal and plastic recycling. 

 The animated event was punctuated with fun and humor as the facilitator spiced up the conversations with jokes while quiz-winners received exciting prizes.

Following the activation, a weekly plastic drop-off scheme has been established for associates. Under the scheme, employees will bring plastic waste collected from their homes to the office where it will be collected by the company’s recycling partner "Recycle Points".

Associates welcomed the activation stating, "This initiative has been very informative and is instrumental in helping us to embed the recycling culture in our neighborhoods. We are now Ambassadors of the World Without Waste vision, committed to do our part to conserve the environment."